Cancer Hair Care *

Cancer Hair Care is a charity that offers a free hair loss advisory service, led by their trained Cancer Hair Care NHS clinical specialists.

They don’t offer standard gift bags, they tailor what items they send to your own circumstances, so you only receive items you’ll actually use. The stand-out freebie is a knitted hair loss doll to explain hair loss to young children — if you have young children you should get one!

As I went through chemotherapy during the height of Covid-19 restrictions I am not sure how my experience of this charity’s freebies differed from “normal”; their website now seems to indicate that freebies are more for children than adults. They also offer a couple of free workshops for all ages in conjunction with Look Good Feel Better. (The workshops can be booked through either charity’s website.)

Open to all UK cancer patients, though aimed more at children and teenagers.

(If the above link should fail to work, try navigating from the main homepage at instead.)

Registered Charity No. 1145258 (England and Wales).

Freebies, October 2020: shampoo and conditioner. A bonus nail oil was included too.

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